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Loco Motive is a vinyl Dj and music producer from Poland. His music journey started in late 90’s and from that day he continues to explore independent music world on every possible dimension. Not really carrying for being recognizable for many years officially he appears under Loco Motive name around 2011 when he also started a project PLAY !T LOUD which is responsible for many hot underground events and bookings across Poland by now. Around 2012 Loco Motive also debuts with his early productions for Kommunikation Rec.(Berlin)and NowThen Rec.(London) following his path on music exploration. His everlasting hunger to delivers high quality music in mixes and constant digging for fresh stuff made him one of the top underground djs in Poland with very hot and smart selection in highly flowing mixes. Currently Loco Motive is working on his debut vinyl release and new event projects for PLAY !T LOUD, plus new digital releases will hit the market in summer 2015 so stay tuned.